My North

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“Excuse me, excuse me”, came a shrill accusatory voice behind my left shoulder down in the bowels of Stockwell. “You've just pushed into me”. I swiftly turned, whereupon I saw a slightly ovoid blonde in her 40s giving me a scathing look of incredulity.... Read More


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According to Baudelaire, in the city, as in the desert, there is something which fortifies and fashions the heart of man, that is when it does not deprave or enfeeble him. Never has an adage been so pertinent as when applied to the city I live; London, or as Daniel Defoe put it, this great and monstrous thing.

Nearly ten years ago I was commissioned to write a piece about this great and monstrous thing for a magazine. In my heart I wanted to write a love letter to the city. But to write honestly at that time, it turned out to be a flawed admission of affection to the capital rather than buoyant proclamation of endless devotion. As although the place creates resounding emotions and allures people with its amorous charms, it can just as easily break your heart.... Read More