Snapshots From The Road

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I'm covertly eyeing a group of spirited twenty-somethings animatedly huddled around a table in a coffee shop on Hollywood Boulevard. They're impossibly stylish, pulchritudinous and oozing from their being is that very American sense of self-belief that most British either lack or are reluctant to display for fear of reproach. With this lot, it's more confidence than rodomontade. Their effusiveness is infectious, and highly entertaining while observed over the rim of my Americano.... Read More

Three Minutes Slow

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The other day while waiting in the queue at a train station I happened upon the clock on the wall that, stuck to its face, had a note that read: 'Please be advised that this clock is 3 minutes slow'. This, of course, seemed absurd and immediately struck me that its typical of what's wrong with people and organisations these days. In the time it took to write and attach the note, someone could have pootled across the concourse to buy some batteries from the shop and corrected the time. I told this story to MB on the phone who found it equally perturbing before the chat turned to this play I've written. She'd read the script, since I had her in mind for one of the parts.... Read More


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According to Baudelaire, in the city, as in the desert, there is something which fortifies and fashions the heart of man, that is when it does not deprave or enfeeble him. Never has an adage been so pertinent as when applied to the city I live; London, or as Daniel Defoe put it, this great and monstrous thing.

Nearly ten years ago I was commissioned to write a piece about this great and monstrous thing for a magazine. In my heart I wanted to write a love letter to the city. But to write honestly at that time, it turned out to be a flawed admission of affection to the capital rather than buoyant proclamation of endless devotion. As although the place creates resounding emotions and allures people with its amorous charms, it can just as easily break your heart.... Read More


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To beat the post-New Year comedown, I hire a Ute at Taren Point and drive 3 hours down the South coast to Sussex where friends have a holiday retreat. They arrived before the festive season. I'll be the last to arrive. It's the first weekend of 2009, and after the tumult of the holiday period, I jump at the invite to escape.... Read More


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Doused in manuka honey I tentatively step into the shallow waters of the pool in the Port Hacking River in Sydney. The area is enclosed from the rest of the river with a small wooden jetty on one side and wire fencing around the entire parameter that keeps the sharks at bay. The icy chill of the water underneath betrays the sparkle from the unforgiving sun on the surface and I'm temporarily frozen to the spot. Thin silver fish that appear lit from inside swim around my calves in the bracing water while my feet hover over sharp rocks decorating the sand in the murky depths.... Read More

Life Auditing in Lilli Pilli

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It's sometimes the small things which can reawaken our senses and have return to us a semblance of joy and an appreciation of the world which had hitherto been lost.... Read More

A Week in Andalucia

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Every day has dawned blissfull, not a breath of wind, warm and the sun shining, a great silence all around. Nothing galvanizes the soul like a week away in the sun, particularly as the onset of Winter takes hold back in dear old Blighty. We've come to Conil, in Southern Spain. Our villa is located within a traditional complex off a quiet side street. M is keen to point out the resort is now out of season and assures me it's not usually so sombre. I on the other hand find its eerie peacefulness agreeable. The tranquility is just the tonic after London. Instead of bustle, the hushed atmosphere here is medicinal and adds to the sleepy town's authentic Andalucian charm.... Read More

Seven Sisters

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I didn't think while en route to work last week reading an article about the kindly gent who patrols Beachy Head to counsel the suicidal that, within days, I too would be strolling those windswept cliff tops. Not, I hasten to add, with suicidal inclinations of my own. ... Read More


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On Saturday I attended the civil partnership ceremony of two friends at the Art’s Club in Mayfair. The venue, I read later,  was founded by Charles Dickens in 1863 as a meeting place for artists and writers, and counted Monet, Kipling and Degas among its former members. The historic building was the ideal venue for the couple’s elegant and lavish celebration with its regal 18th century staircase, grand drawing rooms, and landscaped gardens.... Read More

Off the Grid

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...I finally get around to replying to you. It's been a busy week and a busy weekend and I didn't quite find the time to sit down for long enough to clear my head and formulate anything meaningful to write back to you (despite that fact that I seem to have you on my mind an awful lot).... Read More