April, 2007

Syntax and Stylistics

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Hello you amazing man!

I’m far too groggy to write anything proper and I still haven’t had coffee, but seeing as you are online I thought I would say hello.

To say that your letters from the other day made my day is an understatement – they have kept my synapses flickering (and my heart thumping) for days afterwards. Such is your prowess with my mother language and, well, your general amazingness and depth.

Love yer work as the locals would say. Have to get off to work now but a reply is taking shape and yes, for me also, it’s considerably more exciting than the work I’m supposed to be doing.... Read More

I Found Out…

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Dear Robert

So, now I'm settling into my final job for the day and the one I've been looking forward to most, namely this stream-of-consciousness letter to you. I hope it finds you well and that you had a good time with your family (in Liverpool). Great, ace!

Kind of lost the flow of where we got to in our chain of communication: I suppose that's the price we're going to pay for writing such long and involved letters to one another. Which, in a roundabout kind of way, brings me to my only real news of much import: I am coming home! I went away to clear my head - to Bodega Bay of all places (location for Hitchcock's The Birds) last weekend which I may or may not have mentioned. Anyway, as you know, it's been on my mind for months whether or not America was really the place for me.. and I've realised that it really, really isn't.... Read More