January, 2006

Train Tales

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Sitting on a train going up north on Saturday and killing time by reading the graffiti scrawled over the tray table, I recalled a newspaper article that said that a new rail company will refund passengers half their fare in cash if they had to stand on long journeys.... Read More

The Cry of the Levithians

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Today has been declared as the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday - No shit Sherlock! Some harebrained psychologist has even devised an equation to prove it. Apparently, it's all to do with the country's motivation levels after Christmas. The influx of post-yuletide bills, the cold weather, perennial darkness, failed resolutions and a host of other arbitrary variables that are impossible to quantify are justifying the ludicrous claims. Generally speaking, the nation right now is at it's fattest, unhealthiest and most lethargic. Time then perhaps to think about a summer holiday? Of course and unsurprisingly, this pseudoscience nonsense has been sponsored by - yes, you guessed it, a travel firm.... Read More


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