November, 2005

The Wind It Blows The Door Closed

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By the time I returned to London on Monday afternoon, the day was already darkening. I strolled around town where a light drizzle had dampened the ground, and the lights of the West End had were illuminating the puddles and transforming them into technicolour mirrors. I meandered around the shops before stopping by my favourite cafe for a restorative coffee from the bustle. Before jumping the bus home, I called into a record shop in Soho where I finally got my hands on a record I’d been waiting for in over a decade.... Read More


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When the fireworks of November 5th come to an end, the silence outside is absolute. The luminous street lamp penetrates through the venetian blinds, throwing a warm orange glow into the room. The peace here is disarming and strange. It's a quiet unlike that of London. The humming of the fridge reverberates innocuously on the other side of the wall, its relentless buzz hypnotic. But it's the sound of loneliness too. I know the street well, but these walls remain new. There's history on this side of the road.... Read More

Daylight Robbery

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This week has been quite extraordinary. Hour upon hour of magnificent sunshine, cloudless skies, and temperatures in the low 20s. In other words, weather more akin to August than late October. Take last night for instance at a Hallowe'en Party - that L and I attended resplendent as gothic 18th Century rent boy vampires - we sat out in the garden late into the night without coats and still were not chilled. Everyone commented how unseasonably mild it was. Sadly, it's unlikely to last.... Read More