August, 2005

Police Review: Copy Cats

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I’m not a celebrity, get me out of here!

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I'm growing increasingly ambivalent towards this sweeping culture for gossip and celebrity. Although it's sometimes difficult to resist its magnetic pull, it's depressing that it's engulfed our lives. Celebrity is the politics of the modern era; the love lives of the famous, their bodies, image, fashion sense and careers are all at the heart of the modern generation's interests. There's the worship of the false idol who are famous for no particular talent and a voracious appetite for tittle tattle which has become endemic in the last few years. Tabloids and reality TV has created it. We, as consumers, have fed the trend to extensive proportions. Stars as we used to know them, those enigmas of the big screen with talent and charisma, have been demoted to the background and replaced with a whole host of nonentities that populate our TV screens and magazine covers (often with arrows pointing to their cellulite or sweat patches to highlight that they are still, in the end, 'like us' regardless of fame).... Read More